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Welcome to the Pennsylvania System of Care Partnership

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The PA SOC Partnership statewide cooperative agreement is one of many System of Care communities throughout the country working to bring youth leaders, family leaders and system leaders together in equal partnership to integrate the child-serving systems, so that desired outcomes are achieved cost effectively through evidenced based practice and natural supports.

The youth, family, and system leaders of Pennsylvania will work as equal and trusted partners in creating sustainable change which will empower youth, families and all youth serving systems to be responsible and accountable for outcomes that lead to the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.

Every youth and family in Pennsylvania will be able to access and navigate a unified network of effective services and supports that are structured in adherence to System of Care (SOC) Values and Principles.

SOC Standards

  • Equal partnership on leadership teams
  • Youth driven
  • Family driven
  • Integration of child-serving systems
  • Valuing natural and community supports
  • Assuring cultural and linguistic competence
  • Youth and Family Services and Supports Planning Process
  • Evaluation and continuous quality improvement

Download the PA System of Care Partnership Standards (pdf)

Latest Blog
The Year of the Youth: Moving Forward

     On November 8th, members of Youth Coalition Board Leadership Team were brought together in Harrisburg. Attendees included two youth allies, five youth leaders, and four SOC staff (Youth Involvement Specialist (YIS)Team and Director of Special Services). The participants in this group were invited to the Leadership Team meeting by SOC staff based upon their strong youth leadership skills and undeniable willingness and commitment to the Youth Coalition Board (YCB). The main objectives for the day included; establishment of an organizational structure for the group, identification of leadership roles and responsibilities, and a discussion related to National Youth Move opportunities.
     After many hours of work and deliberation, the YCB Leadership Team officially identified themselves as the Executive Board. The Executive Board will consist of selected youth allies, youth leaders and SOC staff. The Director of Special Services will have power to veto any decisions or recommendations made by the Executive Board, should they not meet SOC guidelines and standards.  Within the Executive Board, four chairs have been selected.  The executive board chair structure will include two teams that consist of one youth and one YIS. All other Executive Board members will lead and represent at least one standing committee.  Five standing committees were created.  The standing committees are community involvement, education and training, social media and communication, policy and advocacy, and recruitment and retention. A phone conference for the Executive Board is currently planned to take place in December.

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