PA SOC Youth Driven Standard

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What is the Youth Driven Standard?

The Youth Driven Standard is one of eight (8) PA System of Care Standards. Youth Driven is about having an authentic youth voice in leadership positions in county and state government where youth are trained, supported, and valued. The youth are supported to share their voice through stipends, transportation assistance, and childcare, with the goal of making their voice sustainable. Opportunities, like youth voice and leadership, are encouraged and made available to youth at county and state level child-serving systems, through the work of System of Care. Youth receive sufficient information and have a primary decision-making role in terms of their care. 

What is a Youth Partner?

  • Youth Partner is someone who has lived experienced in one or more systems.
  • Youth Partner is an advocate for youth.
  • Youth Partner has a unique perspective.
  • Youth Partner is an individual who has their own original story.

What is Youth Guided?

  • Youth are engaged in the idea that change is possible in his or her life and the systems that serve him or her.
  • There are a development and practice of leadership and advocacy skills and a place where an equal partnership is valued.
  • Youth are empowered in their planning process from the beginning and have a voice in what will work for them.
  • Youth receive training on systems and understand the purpose of the system and youth involvement opportunities. 

What is Youth Driven?

  • Youthfully understands his or her roles and responsibilities on the team. 
  • Youth describes his or her vision for the future. 
  • Youths are mentors and peer advocates for other youth.
  • Youth is making the transition into adulthood.