Federal Reporting

TRAC IPPS 1st Cooperative Agreement (pdf)
TRAC IPPS worksheet Cooperative Agreement (xls) 
TRAC IPPS Expansion & Implementation (pdf)
TRAC IPPS worksheet Expansion & Implementation (xls)
Invoice & In-kind submission guidelines (pdf)
Required SOC Data Collection for YFSSPP Counties (pdf) 
Required SOC Data Collection for HFW Counties (pdf)


SOC County budget template (xls)
Event registration form (doc)
PA SOC Partnership meeting sign-in form (xls)
Blank W9 form (pdf)


Event Cancellation policy (pdf)
In-kind and Invoice guidelines (pdf)


PA SOC Partnership overview (pdf)
PA SOC Partnership Strategic Plan (pdf, 1.2 MB)
PA SOC Partnership standards brochure (pdf)
PA SOC Partnership literature cardstock (pdf)
PA SOC Partnership website instructional guide (pdf)
County Leadership Teams - How to Get Started (pdf)
County Leadership Teams - Preparing for Meetings (pdf)
Challenging Meetings (pdf)
SOC Cooperative Agreement - Example Funding Uses (pdf)
PA SOC Partnership County Action plan (doc)
State Leadership & Managment Team - Letter of  Agreement (doc)