Cultural & Linguistic Compentency Subcommittee Members

Lead: Kelsey Leonard
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Staff: Alexis Gingell, Zachary Karenchak

Member County Role

Maggie Parke- Family Partner – Cumberland County

*Gloria McDonald – Family Partner – Crawford County

*Jonathan Parke – Youth Partner – Cumberland County

Chris Minnich – System Partner – BHARP

Colleen Igo – System Partner – York County

Valarie Oulds Dunbar- Family Partner – Philadelphia

*Natasha Kara – System Partner – York County

Deb Ludden – Family Partner

Joe Barnhart – System Partner – Crawford County

Joe Kloss – System Partner – Luzerne County

Doris Gascot – System Partner – Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Barb Miller – System Partner – Bucks County

Ebonnie Simmons-Hall – System Partner - Bureau of Children’s Behavioral Health Services

* Note: These members comprise our Tri-Chair leadership.

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